Lunes, Abril 29, 2013

Welcome to America

Today I arrived in the United States of America! I met up with Elder Posadas in Manila; he is from Pasay. We flew to Utah together. He is serving in Provo, Utah and will be at the MTC with me at the same time.
We first flew from Manila to Nagoya, Japan. From Nagoya, we took a very long flight to Detroit, Michigan where we waited for 5 hours until we boarded out next flight to Salt Lake City, Utah. I was met by my relatives there! I am so excited to be here and be a missionary!

Elder Posadas

Miyerkules, Abril 3, 2013

Called to Serve

Oh well, after graduating in College, I took my Nursing Licensure Examination, and after waiting for the results, I passed! I am now a registered nurse. However, I had a goal written on my journal, one of which is that I want to go on a mission at the age of 21. I had my attention focused on that goal, and did everything to nourish and keep that deisre in my heart. I resigned in my work, and applied for my papers! It took me almost 2 months to finish my papers. The most difficult thing (for me) was to wait for my mission call. haha They said my papers will only take 3 weeks on process, and I'll receive my call in just 3 weeks, but that didn't actually happen. haha By the end of May 2012, I was really getting frustrated when my call hasn't been in my hands yet. And what added to the pressure is that, everytime people (especially the church members see me), they would ask if I have already my call. Ohh, really, my patience is being tested :) After patiently waiting for some time, I received my call at August 17 2012! That was the most exciting and nerve-racking period of my life!
I was called to labor in the California Santa Rosa Mission. :) 

 Our Bishop, apparently was so happy :)

 Mom and my sister (wiping tears) haha
L-R: Elder Catellier, Elder Valdez, My sister Joy Grace, Mom, (ME), Caleb, Ron-ely