Miyerkules, Hunyo 19, 2013

Meeting of the Century!

This week has been wonderful! (I ALWAYS HAVE A GREAT WEEK!) Our zone meeting was super edifying, with Elder Hyde and Windholz teaching and motivating us to move forward with the work, especially our vision 101 this coming July (it means we are working for 101 baptisms) and what's amazing is that Sister Alba announced that this week, we are going to have 61 baptisms! Imagine that! Please help us pray for these people :) It gave us chills and we are so excited for the forthcoming "meeting of the century" on June 23rd! Have you heard about it? Our Zone Leaders emphasized and quoted from Elder Nelson, that.. "THIS IS THE MEETING OF THE CENTURY! MISSIONARY WORK AS WE KNOW IT IS ABOUT TO CHANGE FOREVER. THE MEMBERS OF THE CHURCH WILL SEE SOMETHING THAT THEY THOUGHT THEY HAVE NEVER SEEN IN THEIR LIFETIME!" --- we were just soooo pumped up to work harder! Everyone here is so thrilled with what is going to happen. The First Presidency entitled it "The Work of Salvation."

Also, this week, the Santa Rosa Stake launched the "MINI-MISSION" for this year, it involves the youth ages 16-17, and had them paired up with us missionaries and also live in our apartments for 3 days to experience how to be in the mission. We got Bailee and Sarah, who are both 17, and they loved it! They bore their testimonies most of the time, and I love their spirit! We had great time preaching the gospel and helping them learn more about some missionary skills, we went tracking a lot for the space of 2 days, and did some street contacting, and they had the chance to lead it, so they pretty enjoyed every moment while on their mini-mission. I loved the testimony meeting we had with them, I just love hearing the great spiritual experiences that they had, and how this activity strengthened their faith and testimonies.... The Lord is indeed hastening His Work. . They are really lucky they had this wonderful experience and they will be MORE prepared when the time of their mission comes. I could just imagine.

Lunes, Hunyo 3, 2013

The 'Joy' of Missionary Work!

Our week has been so awesome! Mauricio got baptized last Saturday and it was really a wonderful experience! Especially when he got out from the water and he was in tears, oh, the spirit just filled in the room, and I was looking at him and I really felt the joy he had. I know his soul has entered into the gates of baptism. He told me that he was in tears and that he felt so clean and he wanted to feel that cleanliness forever. I was soooo happy to see him change through the gospel of Jesus Christ. The feeling really was indescribable. Cause I felt I was also changed. I love the gospel so much. And this coming Saturday, we are going to have another baptism, 2 souls are going to be making the covenant of Baptism again. They are just soooo receptive, their names are Sterling and Angel. Their mom is a member, so we are meeting with them every night and make sure that they are prepared. They are also excited towards their baptism!!!! I love how Heavenly Father places these "GOLDEN PEOPLE" in our paths, and help them receive the promises and blessings the Lord has in store for them. I am just soooo pumped up to work more every day. Thanks to sister facer who has been helping me every day as well, I love her so much!!! I can't believe she's leaving. Funny, we were like crying like a baby last Thursday after our lesson with Sterling and Angel, cause Angel told us that before he met us last Monday, he told us that he actually said a prayer to our Heavenly Father that he wanted to change his way of life, and an hour later, we came in and met them for the first time. He told us that we were the answer to his prayers. So sister Facer and I, were soo touched, we just started to cry and realized that we are really here for a purpose!! I waited for soooo many months to get here but I always knew it has a purpose! I am just soooo grateful that I came here at the right time, right place, with the right people! These are the people the Lord has been preparing to receive the restored gospel.

We also had 2 other investigators to attend the sacrament meeting yesterday. Kyle, was a former investigator, and we set up an appointment with him last Friday, and he agreed. He said, he needed to talk to people like us to give some positivity in his life, he's going through a lot right now, and his mom is soooo ANTI-LDS so he is confused of what to do, though he knows this is right, he doesn't want to break her mom's heart. Anyway, we're positive that he will make it. We also met another Filipina living here in Santa Rosa, her name is Lili Soi, she's an ILOCANO and from Cagayan, she has an ovarian Cancer, so we came to visit her, and began to cry when she saw us. She was really weak, but she has a great faith! I was happy to see her, she said that we should come visit frequently, her daughter Shirlyne, was happy to see me as well. :)

Charity has been one of the attributes I am trying to improve on, but I know, if I desire to have it, then the Lord will be willing to give it to me. :)  

Until next week!

-Sister Agura