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Update from Sister Agura May 11, 2013:

I just want to share how my Sunday went. So we had our branch sacrament meeting, and it's so timing cause it was fast and testimony meeting, so of course, all of us are expected to fast (except for those who are sick, ang dami nagkakasakit sa zone namin lately, but don't worry, di pa naman ako tinatablan) :) During the sacrament, I was one of those who got up at the stand and bore my testimony. What was very fascinating was to hear the different testimonies of the missionaries; to hear some of their conversion stories just brought tears to my eyes... (I have been just so emotional lately, but I think it has just been the spirit… :)

Anyways, we also attended a ‘mission conference’ right after our sacrament meeting. We had 6 speakers; the MTC Presidency with their wives. What stood out to me was the message of the concluding speaker (President Nally). He talked about the atonement; the whole room was so reverent and each of us could really feel the spirit. Then he had us sing one verse of the song "COME THOU FOUNT" and I nearly cried when we sang the lyrics, "Here to rescue, me from danger, interposed HIs precious blood." I had a clear and better understanding of the love Jesus has for me and how He rescued us.

After that, we had our first district meeting presided by President Marion. I love his sense of humor! haha! He always cracks jokes, yet he is also strict! When he gets serious, we all become quiet and tamed. I am loving my zone here; all of us came from different countries which make us international!

I love Sunday meetings here in the MTC! At 7pm, we had our Sunday Devotional and our speaker was Bro. CHAD LEWIS (a football player that served in Taiwan, Taichung mission). All of us thought he gave a great talk. I was like writing down every word he said. Let me share a few of the words I wrote down:

He said that, "your mission will change your life and the lives of other people and their generations." He said that, "your mission starts here and it never ends!" Also, he added that we need to make a commitment right now that we will be a missionary forever and that when we return home, we need not to go back to our old way of life, we need to choose the right friends, right movies, right music, and surround ourselves with greatness! He also admonished us Elders/Sisters to "LOCK OUR HEARTS" And teased us that the little ‘sparks’ the Elders and Sisters feel here at the MTC are the ‘sparks of Gospel!’ haha Funny J

During our TRC (where we teach an investigator), we taught Michelle Gioglio. Our lesson to her was about the Restoration; it went great! My companion and I asked her to pray about the things we taught her.

We just had our first invitation for baptism (Richard), and yeah...he said yes! He said he would get baptized if God confirms to him that this church and the prophet Joseph Smith is true! Anyways, we had class with our teacher Rellaford. We had a looot of practices on how to begin teaching and had a thorough discussion on PMG (Preach My Gospel) pages 176-177.

Sister Shamanga and I joined the choir! haha! It was funny, it just happened so fast! We were excused from our class and just entered in the building where the devotional would be held. We practiced for 1 hour. I know I'm not a good singer, haha, but I just miss singing in the choir and it makes me feel that I am actually in my home-ward in Rosales and it gives me joy and somehow relieves my loneliness, haha, just kidding. I miss home, but I also feel that this place is my home too. The people here are sooooo friendly and very close to my heart.

We had our Tuesday night devotional speaker, Elder Eduardo Gavarett of the Seventy, and before he spoke, the choir sang "Come Follow Me.” He really loved it. This time I was with the alto group, because Sister Shamanga is alto so I wanted to be with her. This day is awesome!

I really have a lot of things to say but I have limited time! We always have something to do every minute :)) I will be leaving the MTC on Tuesday. I will be in Santa Rosa, California on the same day. I can't believe I'm gonna be in the real battle next week! :)


-Sister Agura

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