Lunes, Mayo 6, 2013

Welcome to the MTC!

First day was soooo AWESOME! They gave me my nametag, and it has 2 stickers; a green and an orange one! The green sticker means i have a language evaluation, and the orange means that I'm new! So everyone was just greeting us "Sisters, welcome to the MTC!" hahaha! It was really fun, and we felt very welcome! Ang dami kong kwentoooo! So we had like MTC orientations FOR 2 DAYS, met the MTC Presidency and we had the chance to meet a member of the Seventy on the first day, he name was Elder Packer, and he gave a great talk!  We have our own districts now. I'm in District C, Branch 14, and our Dist. Leader is Elder Posadas. We also have "Sister Training Leaders" too, haha They are sooooo awesome!

Apat pala kaming Filipino dito; Elder Fernando, Elder Posadas (from PAsay), and Sister Respecia (from Cebu). Siya ang companion ko ngayon and supeeer bait niya! We really get along! This morning, we went to the Provo Temple, it was so spiritual :) Anyway, there are so many things going on here in the MTC everyday! We also met our teachers already. Tomorrow, we're going to have practice teachings on how to teach our first investigator! Pretty excited yet nervous :)

I'll be in the field by May 14, so we only have 2 weeks to stay here, and I'm lovin' it! I love my district, they are soooo friendly, funny, and we're helping out each other to improve our weaknesses. Ohhh, I'm running out of time, so until next week!

Sister Agura




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